'U' Sounds

The notes of the C, D Minor, A Minor, and F chords played one at a time on a ukulele. Slight interference from the air. Recorded on a CAD u37.
Sound of opening and closing an umbrella in Randolph dorm on Duke University East Campus. With careful listening, the material, kind and use of this umbrella can be predicted. Recorded on a Zoom H4n.
Una grabación del ambiente sonoro del restaurante latino Guasaca en Erwin Square en Durham, Carolina del Norte. Se puede oír alguien llenando una maquina dispensadora de gaseosa, alguien tosiendo, y alguien barriendo claramente. En el fondo, se puede oír los clientes hablando y los empleados trabajando, preparando comida y organizando el restaurante. Grabado con un Zoom H4N recorder. / A recording of the sound environment of the Latin restaurant Guasaca in Erwin Square in Durham, North Carolina... Read More
This recording was created in an attempt to think about the sounds fish live in. It was taken right outside The David E. Shi Center for Sustainability in the Koi pond. You are able to hear the vibrations created by someone walking along the path there as well as the brief sound of a fish.  
Sound recording of discussion between human and Siri voice. The human voice asks Siri if she likes music, and later instructs her to play Beyoncé. In this instance, Siri acts as an electronic assistant that aids the iPhone user to play music. The Zoom Recorder is used to create the clip.
When at least two musical parts are performed at the same pitch and rhythm at the same time.  This excerpt includes violins, violas, basses, oboes, and horns. They begin playing polyphonically, and 7 seconds into the excerpt they play in unison.
The process of unpacking and cutting chicken breasts is captured. The recording begins with the sounds of water running caused by a person washing their hands before cutting the chicken. Sounds that follow are the sound of the wrapping paper being unwrapped and the sound of the knife cutting through the chicken breasts. The sound was recorded in the kitchen of a Furman University student at the off-campus housing.
Sound recording of an electrical cord being unplugged into a wall power outlet. Recorded on an iPhone 5.