'T' Sounds

Sound recording of a student playing the first section of the "Reveille" for Trumpet. The song is being played on a beginning trumpet and mouthpiece, and was recorded on a ZoomH1 Recorder.
"The James River" is a half minute recording done on an IPhone 6s recorded on top of the rocky outskirts of the James River. The recording depicts the sounds of water that have whispered for centuries amidst the bouldered landscape. This recording relates to the story "Twelve Years a Slave" from chapter five when the "Orleans" brig was trafficking slaves throughout the James River, steered toward the docks in Norfolk, Virginia.
The sounds in this bite include the opening and closing of a small mini-fridge door, taking out a jar, and unscrewing its lid. The sound is recorded just outside of the fridge door, and the lid is taken off the jar near the phone. Small sounds of rattling from the refrigerator shelves and movements from my hands can also be heard.
This sound recording starts with a carton of organic soymilk being poured into a metal pitcher. The pitcher is then placed under the steaming wand attached to a Mastrena High Performance Espresso Machine. The steaming wand touches the bottom of the pitcher that contains the milk and is then pulled down to reach just the top of the milk where we hear the liquid ripping noise to create the delightful foam on top of a latte. The last noise that fades out is the steaming wand being cleaned by... Read More
I used a piece of paper and a feathery pen to create the sound I call "The Scribe". This sound applies to this class in that some of the slaves were able to read. The literacy of slaves was an uncommon blessing and was frowned upon by masters. The scribe sound is derived from my vision of Phyllis Wheatley or other African American writers we have studied in class, who wrote their most prolific writings using a feathery pen on stiff parchment paper.
Sound recording of the first floor of The Georgia Tech Library as a student takes out a few things from his book bag before writing down a few notes and typing on his computer. Also, a few people talking can be heard faintly in the background. Recorded with IPhone 7 Plus microphone and amplified with Audacity software.
Sound recording of “Devilsgate” at Duke University Main Quad before the first football game of the 2015 season at approximately 4:00 PM. Sounds of people talking and music in the background can be heard. This was recorded with an iPhone 6 held at approximately chest height extended about 2 feet from my body.
Sound recording of opening a pill bottle, pouring out a pill, and closing the bottle again.
A tap dancer practicing in a practice room
A girl tap dancing on a hard wood floor.
A Tape to Auxiliary Audio cable adaptor inserted and played in a 2001 Honda Accord Cassette Deck
Sound recording of medium sized acrylic nails tapping on a wooden desk. Recorded on a Zoom.