'S' Sounds

Sounds from a nighttime visit to Blandford Cemetery, located at 319 S. Crater Road in Petersburg, Virginia. The cemetery is the second largest in the state of Virginia.
A man and a female dancing on a hard wood floor
The sarabande is a slow, stately Spanish dance in triple meter. Along with the allemande, courante, and gigue, the sarabande was one of the most popular instrumental dances from Baroque era. The origin of the dance form may have been Guatemala, Mexico, Spain, or Latin America. It may also have been brought from Persia to Spain in the early sixteenth century. Later, in France, it became a slow and solemn courtly dance. In the seventeenth century, it was brought to Italy. Composers during the... Read More
Sound recording of a circular saw mill cutting cedar logs.
Recording of a voice major improvising a short melody. Recorded inside a dorm room with a HTC new one. Singer was prompted ten seconds before time of recording to insure the melody was improvised.
Sound recording of Camille Bertault singing in a scat-like style John Coltrane's tenor saxophone solo in in the song, Giant Steps. Recorded on YouTube.
Short range (three inches from source) recording of the reading mechanism from no vacuum to operating vacuum (though leaky) without piano roll, returning to no vacuum.
Sound recording of human user asking Siri - an electronic assistant on the Apple Inc. iPhone - "Why is the sky blue?" Siri replies with an uninformative answer after a lengthy pause. Recorded on a Zoom Recorder.
Chocolate-covered espresso beans being scooped from a grocery store bulk section into a produce bag. Sound recorded at a snack section of an Ingles grocery store. The sound depicts a customer opening the snack container, grabbing and opening a produce bag, then scooping the chocolates into said bag.
Sound recording of scrambled eggs being scraped from a medium, stainless steel, nonstick, Black and Decker pan. Large Grade A eggs were scrambled over an open flame, lightly sauteed with olive oil and cheddar cheese was added at the end. Eggs were scraped out with a plastic spatula.
A wooden post in Smith Warehouse at Duke University being scratched by short fingernails. Recorded on a Zoom H4N.
Female hands and nails scratching against relatively taught, flame resistant fabric. The scratching against the fabric, which is a dorm room mattress, increases in intensity throughout the 12 second audio clip. As the scratching against the fabric gets more intense the noise starts to sound wavey and creates an alien like sound. Recorded on a Zoom H1 recorder.