'P' Sounds

Sound recording of a textbook page being flipped. Recorded on an iPhone 5.
In this recording I was flipping the pages in my Focused Inquiry Book.
Esta es una grabación de sonido de páginas de revistas que se voltea en el Centro Bryan de Duke University. Recordó por un Zoom H4N grabador. This is a sound recording of magazine pages being flipped in the Bryan Center of Duke University. Recorded on a Zoom H4N recorder.
A Guyanese native bird in a caged enclosure making its call. / Un pájaro nativo de Guyana en un recinto enjaulado que hace su llamada.
Sound recording of paper cutter at the Smith Warehouse, Duke University. The sound may sound like a squeaky old rocking chair, so there is a high chance that this sound may be used as a background noise for horror story.
This recording was taken in a bathroom at the James B. Cabell Library at 8:30 PM on a Thursday in February of 2018. In the recording, you will hear the sound of paper towels being dispensed from an electronic paper towel dispenser, and being used to dry the hands of a teenager. This sound was recorded with an iPhone 7 and was edited with Audacity.
Partimenti was a pedagogical method that was prevalent in 18th-century Neopolitan music conservatories, used to teach students how to improvise melodic and contrapuntal lines over given bass lines at the keyboard (in this case, a harpsichord).  This gave students important insight into harmony, voice-leading, and composition in the galant style.  This particular bass line is excerpted from an exercise by Francesco Durante, who was headmaster at one of these Neopolitan conservatories.  First... Read More
Compilation of sounds to represent a soundscape of a party in a quad at Oberlin College.
From the adjacent sidewalk, I took this sound recording of an articulated bus passing through the tunnel leading to Duke's East campus. The audio begins as the bus approaches the entrance of the tunnel. The noise intensifies as the bus proceeds to halfway point of the tunnel where I stood holding the mic and then fades as it exits. Recorded on iPhone 5.
The sound of a small car driving by on W. Markham Avenue bordering Duke University around 2:00pm. I stood still and held my recorder, an iPhone 6, at my waist while standing on the sidewalk next to the street as the car drove past me.
Sound recording of cars passing by Brightleaf Square on N. Gregson St. during afternoon traffic in Durham, NC. Recorded on a Zoom H4N.
This is a sound recording of simulated incident in which a patient reads a note left to them by their doctor. In this note a lot of medical jargon is used, and it presents a clear divide between the patient and the doctor. This divide can result in a communication barrier as the patient does not feel comfortable around their doctor. The language that the doctor uses is not clear for the patient and it does not allow them to understand a diagnosis that is important for their own care. This sound... Read More