'O' Sounds

The oboe is a woodwind instrument. The sound of the oboe is created when the upper and lower blades of the double reed vibrate against each other. This excerpt of Jan Adamus performing movement II of Joseph Reicha's Concerto for Flute on the oboe demonstrates the sweet sound of the oboe in the middle register. The performer accentuates the simplistic and natural beauty of Reicha's phrase through consistent timbral quality, utilizing air support to drive the phrase forward to completion.
Sound recording of Stephanie Chen playing Scheherazade by Rimsky Korsakov on an oboe Recorded on an iPhone 4
Sound recording of Stephanie Chen playing the C major scale on an oboe Recorded on an iPhone 4
A clip from Charlie Poole and the North Carolina Rambler's Sweet Sunny South (1929) exemplifying the unique blend of banjo, guitar, and fiddle in an old time string band.
Sound recording of neckbones, a brisket, pork shoulders, ribs, and rib tips being cooked on an open bit barbecue. Open pit barbecue involves slowly smoking the meat, having the meat juices drop into the heat source, and then allowing the smoke to come back up and infuse the meat with the flavor.
Sound recording of the process of opening of a paper teabag over a mug and placing the teabag into the mug. Recorded with Zoom H4N recorder.
Recording of a Pepsi Can being opened.
Oberlin Opera's 2014 Parents' Weekend performance of "Street Scene"
This is a music recording of Matthew King singing "Oh Holy Night" in an operatic, deep tone.
Shafali UNC Music Voice major demonstrating how emotion can be communicated through an operatic voice. Zoom H4N
Shafali a UNC Music Voice Major demonstrating fast pace in Opera. Zoom H4N