'N' Sounds

A sound recording of gel coated nails being filed by an electric nail filing machine . This was the second stage of the filing process that shapes and smoothes out the gel after it has been applied to the natural nail. The sound was created in a very small individually owned spa.
Series Director: Hayato Date (伊達勇登, Date Hayato) Original Creator: Masashi Kishimoto (岸本斉史, Kishimoto Masashi) Series Composition: Junki Takegami, Satoru Nishizono, Yasuyuki Suzuki Character Design: Hirofumi Suzuki, Tetsuya Nishio Art Director: Hideaki Kudo, Shigenori Takada Music: Yasuharu Takanashi, -yaiba-
An original composition of Indigenous music using the sounds of powwow drums, flute, rain sticks, and voices that were pre-sampled.  Recorded on an HP Envy laptop, an AKAI MP61  keyboard, Mixcraft Pro Studio 8, and cinema sound effects software titled "Cinema Sessions." 
Sound recording of birds chirping in the Paul G. Mayer Memorial Garden, across from the Price Gilbert Memorial Library (under renovation) and D.M. Smith building. It is a Friday around noon and class is letting out and it is sunny with a light breeze.
The sound recording is of the song "Oh, My Lord" from the motion picture "Glory." The recording is a portrayal of a pre-battle song by the 54th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, one of the first African American units during the Civil War, before their attack on Fort Wagner. The song is comprised of vocalists, tambourines, and harmonicas.
A metal nib is dipped in ink and applied to watercolor paper. The letters written form the name "Frederick Douglass."
Sounds of night insects in a bush on a rainy, wet night outside of Randolph Dorm on Duke University’s East Campus. Recorded with iPhone 5s.
Nina Simone's 1971 self titled compilation release being played on vinyl.
This is an example of a 9-8 suspension from an 18th century sinfonia concertante by Franz Danzi. This MIDI recording plays the first three measures of the adagio, which features a 9-8 suspension between the oboe and bassoon part. After this, the recording repeats the suspension passage with only the oboe and bassoon playing. A suspension is a type of dissonance. It begins as a consonant note usually in an upper voice and is sustained through a change of bass note that makes the consonant note... Read More
Sound recording from a nearby table of various background sounds at the Starbucks within the Barnes and Noble bookstore at Georgia Tech. Recorded with the built-in microphone off of an iPhone 7. Sounds such as a cash register, music, and indistinguishable chatter can be heard.
This sound reflects last Friday's hurricane force winds outside my dorm room in Richmond. The blustery winds carried away homework papers, destroyed hairdos , and made it difficult to walk across campus. This sound warned and reminded people of the serious effects of strong winds.
Recording from a subway station in Brooklyn, NYC with background scratching noises.