'M' Sounds

Sound recording of a business woman typing on an Apple MacBook Pro 2012 edition. Recorded on a patio in a subdivision. Recorded with an Apple Iphone 8-Plus. 
The sound a MacBook pro creates as it is switched from the off to on position. Sound is usually affiliated with all Apple computers switching from off to on.
The violins play the complete initial statement of the main theme for this movement of the sinfonia. The main theme is the melodic idea which forms the compositional foundation of the movement; portions of it will be repeated in isolation, transposed, and varied with some repetitions of the complete idea over the course of the movement.
Sound Recording of Will Want singing "Bella Donna" by the Avett Brothers, emphasizing the artists focus on tone and pitch quality to create an intimate mood. Recorded at Duke recording studio using samson C01 studio condensor.
This excerpt is from a youtube video of Tom Waits's song "Get Behind the Mule" from his album Mule Variations.
A patient who has been laryngectomized, and therefore no longer has a voice box, speaks with the help of his electrolarynx. Recorded from a demonstration video for medical purposes
Sound recording of the Duke University Men's Basketball strength coach describing the making of a protein smoothie in the kitchen. Recorded using a Zoom audio recorder.
A sound recording of gel coated fingernails being manually filed by a professional nail technician. The file used was an orange puffer nail file. This was a one on one appointment, with no other clients waiting, in a small, individually owned spa. The environment was minimally relaxing due to the many interruptions by the technician's three young children.
Recording in a small bathroom at suburban home in Chesterfield, the sound of a flushing toilet Recorded on a iphone 7. Pressing on the metal handle in a downward motion adding depth within the sound as it deepens alerting the toilet to release the water from the toilet bowl. With a swirling circular motion the water flows from the sides, almost as if it is chasing itself around the bowl down the drain.
A group of Maori men dancing on a hard wood floor stage
Español: Se pregunto a la trabajadora si se pudiera grabar el sonidos que hacía la máquina de espresso cuando ella hacía un cafe. Entonces se grabo el vapor que salía de la máquina para hacer el cafe. English: I asked the worker if I could record the sounds made by the espresso machine when the worker made coffee. Then the steam coming out of the machine to make the coffee was recorded.
Es el sonido de una máquina de hielo dispensando hielo y una fuente de agua dispensando agua en un vaso plastico. Fue recordado en el West Union comedor de la Universidad de Duke. A pesar de que es una sonido ordinario y familiar, lo asilado permite escuchar la belleza. This is the sound of an ice machine dispensing ice and a water fountain dispensing water into a plastic cup. This sound was recorded in the West University dining hall at Duke University. Although this is an ordinary, familiar... Read More