'K' Sounds

Sound accompaniment to Kali Quinn's performance "Gone to Seed." She uses voice and a loop pedal with layered sound to look at the end of life. Kali is a facilitator of compassionate creativity and visited our course to share some of her healing activities.
The sound is a K-compact style Keurig machine brewing a large cup of coffee. The static-like sound in the background is the noise that the Keurig machine makes when heating up. The sound was recorded on an H1 Zoom mic with stereo recording
Sound recording of a key card swipe into a dorm building from an IPhone 4. It goes from the rattling of the keys in the beginning to the swiping of the card. It finishes with the door closing itself.
Sound recording of the collision of metal key chains and keys. Recorded on a zoom.
Modulation is when the music changes from one key to another. For this example, the main attraction is the string section (Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass). This segment of the movement starts in D major and moves to D minor, with a slight movement into F Major. The key modulation can sometimes happen with changes in tempo, dynamics, melodic shapes, rhythm structure, etc. For this excerpt, the rhythm is very busy within the mid voices of the strings and some accent variatons on the high voices.... Read More
Recording of backgrounds sounds of people's talk and music at the Moral March on February 8, 2014 in North Carolina.
This is an audio recording of me typing on my Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series laptop. Audio was recorded using a Zoom H4n Pro recorder. In the audio clip, the sounds of typing as well as the hum of my computer can be heard. In this clip I am typing up my lab report for science class.
Sound recording of someone typing their response to an essay prompt. This recording was done in a room with audible air conditioning. The laptop being used is a Lenovo Ideapad U530 Touch. Recorded by an IPhone 6s with headphones plugged in.
I have a habit of spinning and snapping my keychain against my palm. For the sake of the recording, I repeated this action for twenty seconds. The bundle actually contains only two keys (one for my dorm room and one for my mailbox) and the rest consists of plastic (my Duke card and six Ben&Jerry's Flavor Fanatic Coupons). Recorded by iPhone Voice Memo.
I rattled my keys with all my house keys in them and my car keys. This was to symbolize how the slave owners would have slaves chained up and would torture them. The keys would be a sound that all slaves were attentive to as "an opportunity to get away.
The jingling key sound equates to my independence from my dorm room and in my car. This sound reminds me that I can leave my residence and drive to campus to meet with my friends. By venturing outside of my room, into the VCU environment, I am exposed to much which can be the foundation and the keys to my success!
2 small metal apartment keys and a plastic key fob jingling on a keyring. Recorded on iPhone6s.