'J' Sounds

Sound recording of a zipper on a jacket being zipped up and down. Recorded on iPhone 7+
Sound recording of the opening theme from Jaws (1975). Played on the tuba, composed by John Williams.
This is a live recording of Jazz at the Mary Lou Center of Duke University. The sounds consists of call and response between the alto saxophone and trumpet.
A jazz quartet playing at the weekly Jazz Forum at Oberlin. Jazz Forum is a weekly even in which the jazz studies students perform for an open audience, and receive critiques.
Sound recording of Milt Hinton's music playing in a photographic exhibit about him in the Allen Museum.
Recording from second floor hallway of the Bertram and Judith Kohl Building at Oberlin Conservatory while jazz musicians practice in individual practice rooms. Recorded on an iPhone 4s and processed in Audacity.
The sound recording is of leather bottom shoes stepping on a wooden dance floor.
Sound recording of students shouting against Jeffrey Sachs
A recording of three men working at a construction site in Durham, NC. The brief excerpt captures the laborers using a hand-held jig saw to cut through a piece of plywood.
A sound recording of a portable LP player without a record loaded and with a dead battery
Esta es una grabación de sonido de una pelota de baloncesto que se dribla en un piso de madera dura. El jugador cambia de dirección, por lo que puede escuchar los zapatos de baloncesto chirrido. Intermitentemente, alguien tomó un tiro contra la tabla. En el fondo, se puede escuchar otro juego y el sonido de las teclas en un bolsillo de un jugador. | This is a sound recording of a basketball being dribbled on a hardwood floor. The player changes direction, so you can hear the basketball shoes... Read More