'I' Sounds

Chewing on cubes of ice is a fond memory of a childhood habit. Since the age of three I have been chewing ice, much to my Mother's dismay. The sound is loud and abrasive, but for me, it offers me peace. Try it!
Sound recording of an iMessage exchange. Recorded on an iPhone 5s.
This is a sound recording of a simulated conversation between a young adult Indian female immigrant patient and an American male medical student in the lobby of the Duke Student Wellness Center (conversation based on exact real-life experience). In this recording, the immigrant patient, whose native language is Telugu, is attempting to explain her illness and nature of her pain to the medical student, who is trying to help her by suggesting different English descriptive words for pain. However... Read More
Sound recording of a softball being hit off of a tee in an indoor batting cage. Batting cage within Jesse Philips Physical Education Center at Oberlin College. Recorded on an iPhone 5s.
Sound recording of worker at Cowhaus Creamery in Oberlin, Ohio operating a blender to produce a vanilla milkshake. Recorded with Samsung Galaxy S4.
Sound recording of commercial dishwashers preparing dishes and silverware to be run through a conveyor diswashing machine in Stevenson Dining Hall at Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio. Recorded with a Samsung Galaxy S4.
Sound recording of a healthy three-month old male drinking five ounces of Holle Goat Stage 1 Organic Infant Formal powdered goat's milk from a bottle with a silicone nipple. The sound was recorded at approximately 1:00 pm in a residential home in Travelers Rest, SC and was the infant’s third bottle of the day. All bottles consumed prior were made from the same powdered goat’s milk. As he is allergic to breast milk, this will continue to be his primary source of nutrition until he matures enough... Read More
Nestled into the safe comfort of a road-side branch, a group of baby birds call out to their mother. Three times, the call of another bird rises above the other bird calls. A perceptive ear can catch the faint calls of other birds that intermittently enter the soundscape.
An sound clip taken from Michael Haydn's "Divertimento in D Major" featuring a solo violin performing in a vocal recitativo accompagnato style . Since recitative was usually used to advance the plot of an opera adopting the rhythms of ordinary speech in the 18th century, it is interesting to see it's use in purely instrumental music.
Symphony was a popular genre of music in the eighteenth century. It was developed from the overtures (also called 'sinfonia'), which were played at the beginning of operas. When we think of 'symphony', we always think of an orchestra consists of strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion. However, the earliest symphonies in the world were actually consists of strings only. These symphonies were usually composed before 1760. Symphony in B flat major (Them. Index 65) by Franz Xaver Richter (1709-... Read More
This is the soundscape around the Living Building. Here, you can hear the primary sounds of cars driving by as well as wind, but there are some secondary sounds that can be heard as well, such as the sound of people talking. This was recorded using a Google Pixel and a sound recording app.
Recording of the Soundscape of the Living Building on the corner at the Nanotech Building.   Primary sounds include wind, the nanotech building itself, cars and a golfcart. A secondary sound is some birds tittering.  An iPhone 7 and the Voice Memos app was used to record the sound