'H' Sounds

Se puede oír los granos de maíz explotando y saltando adentro de un paquete de palomitas. También los zumbidos y los pitos del microondas son audibles. (You can hear kernels of popcorn popping and jumping inside a popcorn bag. The humming and beeping of the microwave are also audible.)
Brushing my own tangled thick long hair with a Conair hard bristle hair brush in a small room recorded and edited on Logic Pro x with mac book pro.
The sound recording is of a hair drier. At the end there is the sound of the hair drier turning off.
In this recording, acclaimed author Edwidge Danticat shares what she describes as "crisis sounds" specific to Haitian culture and Haitian Kreyól. Danticat's novels were key readings in a course on public health and Haiti taught at Duke University in the fall of 2015. Danticat was interviewed by students via Skype during the semester and later contributed this original recording to the Sonic Dictionary to demonstrate some of the unique sounds and expressions associated with her novelistic... Read More
A group of Haitians praying together
An audio excerpt from footage shot by the Associated Press of a public protest over fuel price hikes in Port-au-Prince. Shouts can be heard from the mob at the beginning of the recording, followed by orders from a Haitian policeman speaking through a megaphone. The policeman’s announcement is quickly followed by the sound of a gunshot and more shouts and clamor.
Sound recording of women, and children singing in Haitian Creole in tent cities after the 2010 earthquake.
A half cadence is a musical gesture which can begin with any chord, in this case the tonic chord of D Major, and ends on the dominant chord, A Major (I-V). Usually the half cadence calls for a continuation of the piece, due to its sounding incomplete or unfinished. The first movement of Carlos Seixas' Overture in D Major ends with a half cadence, continuing into the second movement in D minor. This is a rare occurrence, as a half cadence usually happens in the exposition of a sonata form, or at... Read More
A half cadence is a type of cadence that ends on the dominant chord of a given tonic. Using Eduoard Du Puy's Ouverture Til Syngestykket Ungdom og Galskab (Overture to the Singspiel Youth and Folly) as an example, the half cadence at the end of this excerpt forms a E7 chord, the dominant of its home key, A major. Half cadences were often used in eighteenth century galant music to create a dramatic hault in the work and to separate section to section. 
 To articulate the significant break, galant composers preferred to use half cadence to emphasize it. Half cadence is ending on V. If it doesn't be resulted to I, it can make a suspense in the music.
This is one of my favorite instrumentals ever. It has great sounds and is extremely relaxing. The lyrics in this song are done my Future and the song is called Hallucinating.
This is a sound recording of a Hamilton Beach Flexbrew coffee maker warming up and beginning to dispense a freshly brewed cup of coffee, as this coffee maker creates coffees one cup at a time. Recorded on an iPhone 6.