'E' Sounds

"Eleele " is a sound of celebration. It is an African calling mainly practiced in Eritrea or Ethiopia. You will frequently hear this sound when there are weddings, baptisms , church events or just because you're feeling happy. It is bit of struggle to do. You have to let the tip of your tongue touch the roof of your mouth. Then move your tongue quickly and start chanting the "elelele" part at the same time. Recorded on iPhone 6s.
The birds are back early this year. They announce the arrival of spring. Punxsutawney Phil told us six more weeks of winter. We got about two. The birds sing of coming warmth. It is little comfort. I welcome milder weather, but it will only be mild for so long. Perhaps summer will come early, too. Perhaps, one day, winter will never come at all. It is hard to record birdsong in the city. There are too many cars. They try to tell us that cars are the problem. That fewer cars will keep the birds... Read More
Recording of the the crunching sound of someone eating a pita chip. Recorded on a Zoom H4N.
Sound recording of the process of eating ice cream, including opening the container, a metal spoon hitting the table, scooping the ice cream, chewing, and re-sealing the container. Recorded using a Zoom H4n sound recorder.
Sound recording of an Edison Standard Phonograph playing an amberol cylinder. Recording includes the needle coming down on the cylinder and the lead in before the recorded music begins. Recorded with a Zoom H4nPro Handy Recorder.
The cadenza is an ornamental solo passage written in score or improvised by the soloist with a free rhythmic style and virtuously performance. In the 18th century, the concerto cadenza established that the soloist improvises the cadenza in the first movement before the last orchestral ritornello. A 6/4 orchestral chord introduces the cadenza, and for its culmination, the soloist indicates the close of the cadenza with a trill over a dominant chord. The example is a fragment of the end of the... Read More
Bambuco is a traditional style of music in Colombian culture. Considered a mix of various cultures and regions, the Bambuco is a symbol of unity and one of similarity to numerous individuals of the country. Known to be a favorite style of music for Colombians, the Bambuco presents a different sentiment to each individual that hears it. This recording is part of a song by Espinosa y Bedoya that's called "Cuatro Preguntas". Downloaded from Youtube. / Bambuco es un estilo tradicional de la música... Read More
Sound recording of an anonymous spanish-speaking gentleman speaking about his opinion and feelings concerning traditional Bambuco music. The Bambuco has a rich and colorful history in Colombia as it is derived from a multitude of cultures and regions. It is the song of the nation and numerous individuals relate to it very well. / Grabación de un anónimo caballero de habla hispana habla acerca de su opinión y sensaciones sobre música de Bambuco tradicional. El Bambuco tiene una historia rica y... Read More
An excerpt from a song project featuring recorded guitar and piano tracks Piano recorded with Zoom H4N. Guitar recorded with Apogee JAM with Logic Pro effects and amplification.
A tasty rift of electric guitar played by Elijah Zaproteza Recorded on IPhone 5
Sound recording of water boiling in an electric kettle. The kettle switches off with a 'click' when the water is finished boiling. Recorded on a Zoom H4N
Sound recording of a barber operating an electric razor to shave a client, as might be heard at Oberlin's Main Street Barbershop. Acquired from the Freesound online database.