'D' Sounds

Da Capo, or "from the beginning", is a musical form that involves a return to the beginning of a section of music. In vocal music, the return is generally ornamented in some way. In this excerpt, the opening of the aria is heard followed by the end of the second section's transition to the return of the opening material after the da capo. The return is ornamented.
Coach Colella talks about the meet and reminds the team that we need to have fun
This sound captures the passion of a coaches voice. This highlights the emotion a coach has for his sport and for the success of the team.
A night out at a dance club. A DJ's voice can be heard about half way through and some friends having a conversation can be heard towards the end. Recorded on iPhone 5s.
This is the audio recording excerpt from a scene in Star Wars, Episode 3, where Luke Skywalker confronts Darth Vader.
Recording of scurrying footsteps, slam of locking building door, constant noise of the coffee stand's refrigerator case, and distant sounds of conversation and air conditioning.
Sound recording of a fish being caught during a deep sea fishing excursion.
A defective CD player attempting to read a CD in a 2001 Honda Accord CD/tape/stereo deck.
Title: Descending Chromatic scale on keyboard Description: A descending Chromatic scale (playing a semitone below it is pitch one note at a time on a 88 key keyboard which includes 7 octaves) played on a Yamaha PSR-E453 keyboard by me recorded and edited in a small bedroom with a midi (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) cable on Logic Pro X (music editing software). This sound was inspired by the discussion in class about discordance in music early African America studies and me relating it... Read More
A descending fifths sequence is a common compositional technique used by composers from the eighteenth century to expand a simple melodic or harmonic idea. A typical descending fifths sequence is executed when a short melodic phrase is played over a note (or a collection of notes with emphasis on one in particular) in the bass. The next phrase will virtually be an exact copy of the previous phrase and accompanying bassline, except that it will have been transposed an interval of a diatonic... Read More
Sound recorded in the residential housing (Rhoads) for students at Virginia Commonwealth University. The computer that was being used, was a custom built PC that my friend had made a few years ago. The noise was coming from his graphics processing unit (GPU) when it was running at maximum speed. Recorded using a Zoom H1 audio recording device in stereo recording mode.