'B' Sounds

11 month old baby girl babbling while standing playing with her mother.  Recorded with a Zoom H4N Pro audio recorder
Sound recording of a newborn child crying at various volumes and frequencies.
Recording of a person who was giving a speech, answering the questions what other people need, what they need, and what we all want - Justice.
Sound recording of a backpack opening, unpacking, packing and closing.
Sound recording of a person zipping up a backpack. Recorded on an iPhone 5.
Sound recording of a single person performing a rhythm in tap shoes acappella in the Arts Annex at Duke University Grabación sonora de una sola persona que está haciendo un ritmo en los zapatos de tap acapella en el Arts Annex en Duke Universidad
Taken from a YouTube recording of Duke University’s On Tap (premier tap dancing group) dancing to an Inspector Gadget remix, which Greg Pattillo plays on the flute whilst beatboxing at the same time. Tomado de una grabación de YouTube de On Tap (primer grupo de baile de tap) de Duke Universidad bailando a un Inspector Gadget remezcla, que Greg Pattillo juega en la flauta mientras beatboxing al mismo tiempo.
Recording of a John Deere 630 tractor and John Deere 336 baler baling hay and kicking the bales into a wagon cart. Recorded and uploaded to YouTube by DanDem34.
Sound recording of ballad singer, Dellie Chandler Norton singing "Early, Early in the Spring."
A ballet student jumping and walking on his toes on hard wood floor with some ambient noise.
Ballon manually bounced/dribbled near the audio recorder multiple times. It is supposed to represent the vibrations thus making the sounds we pick up as the balloon bounces on hard flat objects.The mic was placed onto a carpet for less feed back and a balloon was bounced on a hard tied floor next to it.
Sound recording of a man banging on a pot