'A' Sounds

Proctor Creek Greenway and its lush greenery provide a temporary escape from the busy streets of Atlanta, as the natural sounds of birds chirping and footsteps can be heard in the background. Yet, the sound of the airplane flying over in the audio recording is a gentle reminder of how close the trail is to the city. With Emerald Corridor Foundation's future plans and its close proximity, the Greenway will be accessible to and from the heart of Atlanta, creating a safe pathway between itself and... Read More
Sound recording of an airplane pilot announcing traditional protocol after landing his airplane in the Raleigh, Durham airport.
In line at the airport to come back to Duke from fall break, security in the background, recorded from iPhone 6
Sound recording of Tannya Cai playing Blue Bossa by Kenny Dorham on an alto saxophone Recorded on a Zoom recorder
Sound recording of Tannya Cai playing the C major scale on an alto saxophone Recorded on a Zoom recorder
The trombone was still a relatively new instrument, having only developed from the sackbut sometime in the late 1600's/early 1700's, when Michael Haydn composed his Serenade. Because of how new the instrument was the trombone was rarely featured as a solo instrument, but, when it was, it was often the alto trombone that was given the solo. Of the four types of trombones used at the time: soprano, alto, tenor, and bass, the alto projected the best and had the clearest sound.
A sound recording of an ambulance siren driving by on the highway.
Sound of recording of a person asking "Amen" when giving a political speech at the Moral March on February 8, 2014 in North Carolina.
The inside water sounded similar to someone gargling moutwash. Of the water recordings analyzed, it is one of the most loud and powerful underwater sounds. Again, as might be expected, no human factors can be distinguished.
The water in this recording sounds powerful and a low rumbling can be heard. Despite the presence of human factors near the rapids, very few (if any) can be distinguished.
The water under the stream also sounded powerful, and the jumps of the recorder in and out of the stream made for an interesting slurping sound.
The main waterfall at the American Tobacco Campus in Durham.