Pouring a Cup of Tea

Eleane Ye

Recording of the process of pouring a cup of tea. First, the packet of tea was ripped open and placed in a mug. Then, hot water, just boiled, was poured from a Secura electric water kettle into the cup until 3/4 full. In the recording you can hear the distinct actions, and the bubbling of the water as it swishes into the mug.

This represents a sound of health, as well as alternative or holistic ways to maintain health. Whenever I'm sick, or feel myself coming down with a cold, I always make a hot cup of tea with honey. Whether it's an itchy throat, a runny nose, or a headache, drinking a cup of tea helps to calm me down and alleviate the stress. Different types of tea have different medicinal properties. For example, green tea provides antioxidants that prevent cell damage and polyphenols that reduce inflammation. Dandelion root tea aids with digestion. Making, and drinking, a cup of tea is something that can be heard for those who are healthy, taking herbal remedies or brews to prevent illness, but can also be heard for those who are sick and using these medicines or herbal brews to get better.


Duke University, Crowell Quad

Bit Rate/Frequency: 
16 bits/ 44.1 kHz