Organ (Live Performance)

Oberlin Organ Department

This excerpt was recorded on Halloween at midnight during a Halloween organ music concert in a large chapel. An organ creates its sound through transporting large amounts of air through large cylindrical metal tubes that can be over thirty feet tall. The history of the pipe organ has been traced as far back as third century BC. The instrument became a significant part of church music. During prayers, often the churchgoers would sing while being accompanied by the organ. Although the space in which the Organ Pump was recorded was a chapel, the purpose of the organ has transformed itself. In this setting a group of over one hundred college kids are lying down on the together laughing, listening, and loving the vibrations created by the spooky organ music on Halloween night. Although this was not a religious event, the music performed by the organist still acted as a medium in which the listeners could connect to each other and feel the same vibrations from the organ pipes at the same time. It is interesting how the same space and sounds can create a completely different experience for the audience depending on the attitude and positioning of the audience.

Charles Ryan
Classical Music
October 31st 2014

Music, Concert, Organ, Halloween