Club Badminton Practice

Eleane Ye

Soundscape of Duke Club Badminton practice. In the beginning, you hear a long serve. This is followed by several short shots, perhaps drives near the nets. Then, around the 7sec mark, you hear a smash, and then a jump smash at around 13sec. Throughout, you hear that some shots sound closer than others. You will also hear echoing; this gives a sense of space that reflects the environment of Card Gym where practice is held.

People chatter in the background, birdies fly. It is a lively, energetic practice. To me, this represents health because 1) Sports and health have a reciprocal relationship. Playing sports allows you to stay healthy and fit, and staying fit allows you to get better at the sport. Playing a sport allows people to maintain their physical health. 2) Practice is a time to de-stress and take a mental break from academics. Healthy goal setting and achieving can also help improve mental health and confidence. 3) In a sports club practice, you find community. This community is often made up of a diverse group of people, and through relationships created by playing the same sport, they are able to provide inspiration and support.



Duke University, Card Gym

Bit Rate/Frequency: 
16 bits/44.1kHz