Water for Human Use

Exhibit: Water Acoustics

Water is one of the few substances in the world that manages to be deadly in both absence and abundance. Beautiful and powerful, it is easy to consider water as a force separate from ourselves. Even when the relationship between water and humans comes into consideration, one often considers the effects water has on humankind, such as the effect of floods or the implications of dirty water on human well-being. Nevertheless, way in which the sound of water affects humans (and in which we use this sound) also plays an importance in the relationship between humans and water sounds. The following project will scrape at the surface of this idea by recording and analyzing water sounds from locations that contain human-made water structures, including the American Tobacco Campus, Biddle Music Building and Duke Gardens. Additionally, pictures, more in depth descriptions and analysis of the below can be found at the site: http://kne393.wix.com/water-acoustics#!water-for-human-use/c22ga