Swimming coach voice -- Dan Colella


There is no perfect definition of a captivating voice. The intriguing aspect of a captivating voice is everyones different interpretation. These voices speak to people individually, possibly making them feel sad, empowered, happy or motivated. Dan Colella, the head swimming coach at Duke University, embodies the qualities a captivating voice. Dan’s voice is captivating because of the authority and passion that it comes with. Moreover, Dan’s voice is made up all the little aspects that are in swimming. His voice carries the excitement, cheering, speeches, and passion that all take place at the pool. This exhibit will focus on Dan’s voice, in particular the many aspects that make a coach's voice so captivating.

To me, Dan's voice acts as a coach, a second father, a friend. Dan is there in times of encouragement and times of reflection.  He carries a status of importance because of his title (head coach) and beaming reputation. Dan keeps it light, always reminding us to have fun while we are swimming. As a coach, Dan has lots of passion. Passion can be heard in various ways, it can be expressed through singing, cheering and speeches. Passion is everywhere.

This exhibit showcases multiple clips, all involving the sport of swimming. Each clip, however relates back to Coach Colella and the passion he shows his swimmers. There is an emphasis throughout my exhibit on a positive voice found through positive talks, cheering, whistling and commentary.  

The main clip I am focussing my project on is the commentary on the Beijing Olympics found below as "Commentary: Voice crescendo as emotion rises"


By Maria Sheridan