Southern Agriculture

Industry is pivotal in any society; it is defined by society but also serves to define the society itself.  In the South, industry has always revolved in large part around agriculture, including its production, processing, and distribution.  The ongoing success of Southern agriculture has served as a constant binding force amidst the always-changing Southern culture.  The agriculture industry defined eighteenth and nineteenth century Southern culture, which was characterized by white-owned and slave-operated, cotton, tobacco, and sugar plantations, and continued as a strong Southern identifier even after the shift from this agrarian “Old South” to the industrialized “New South.” That is not to say that Southern agriculture has not seen much change itself; the industrialization of the South brought with it much improvement and mechanization of the agricultural industry.  We invite you to examine the evolution of Southern agriculture sonically.  Developments in technology and society are marked by audible shifts in the entire process of agricultural production.  The sounds reveal a transformation that defines the Southern industrial story.