As I continued to make my way through the crowd, I saw signs about Medicaid Expansion. They reminded me of the nationwide healthcare debate that arose as President Obama and Congress passed the Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as “Obamacare”. North Carolina chose not to comply with the ACA’s plan to provide affordable insurance to all Americans, making North Carolina 1 of 26 states to refuse to expand Medicaid. (1) However, this seemed more like a policy issue than a moral one. I wondered what brought these protesters to the Moral March and what made Medicaid Expansion a moral issue to them. 

(1) Adam Searing, "How NC (surprisingly) became a leader in ACA enrollment", (Jan. 28, 2014).

(2) Steve Ford. "Medicaid coverage gap is a disgrace to the state's good name", NC Policy Watch: News and Commentary on Public Policy in North Carolina (Oct. 29, 2013).