Coach K

What make Coach Mike Krzyzewski “AKA” Coach K’s voice so captivating is the communication skills that comes with it. His words come out very smoothly in a very matured tone. The one thing that made his voice standout in all the recordings was his ability to communicate with his players and staffs. His voice could be easily identified as that of a matured elderly man speaking. His breathing was mostly consistent as he spoke. This led to positive responses from his player after he spoke most of the times. One could feel the energy from the room each time he talked. His voice can be a little raspy, but he stays at a unique pitch. The sound of his voice changes as the rate of vibrations that comes out of his mouth varies. While he spoke most of the times, the amount of vibrations per second tend to increase and this adds to the high probability of his voice sounding higher. In some of the recording he sounded more calm and in the others he spoke with more aggression and awareness, this only ties up together in describing his personality as a coach who is very professional when it comes to speaking to people. The pitch of Coach Krzyzewski voice was sort of related to his mood at the time. He sounded with emotions in most cases when he spoke, which definitely helped him relate his message clearly to his players. 


By Sean Obi