Captivating Rock&Roll -- Dave Grohl

Lead singer of the rock and roll band the Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl, has an interesting musical background. He is most famous for being the face of Foo Fighters, but he also was the drummer for 1990s rock band Nirvana. He lost his good friend Kurt Cobain to a drug related suicide, and it was through music that Grohl was able to become himself again. He started the Foo Fighters and rose quickly towards personal fame.

The Foo Fighters continue to release new music and tour worldwide, and many of their songs have earned a place amongst the ranks of the more rock and roll classics from the last two decades or so. Much of the music is emotionally driven and has deep meanings, which is helped with complex and classic rock and roll sound. Their songs cover internal and social struggles as well as themes like loss and perseverance. One particular song that exemplifies the emotion and depth of the Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl's voice is their single Everlong. 

Rock and roll is a music genre not often associated with its captivating voices. Generally the genre is more known for its loud, boisterous yelling and dissonant instrumental accompaniment. However there are some cases where rock can be extremely personal and emotionally provoking. It is at these moments when the genre is truly captivating. Acoustic versions of popular rock songs tend to have to most obvious associations with intimacy and emotional depth. It is for this reason that Everlong stands out as Dave Grohl's most obviously captivating vocal performance. 

The vocal control and ease at which his voice shows the song's meaning are what make Grohl's voice definitively captivating. He is able to take a song that is so clearly and fittingly hard rock and transform it into a personal performance that feels as if he is singing just feet away. His voice which is very unique and easily recognizeable from Foo Fighters' songs as loud and raspy is in this case softer. Even with the softness, the voice is still clearly Grohl's. His performance in Everlong and its acoustic version are direct examples of how Dave Grohl is as much a vocal musician and lyricist as he is a lead singer/guitarist of a rock and roll band.