First-year Georgia Tech students in Dr. Lauren Neefe's spring 2018 English 1102 course, "Architectures of Sound: Poetry, Place, Politics," documented sounds in specific locations throughout Georgia Tech's Atlanta campus. They selected locations for their similarity to spaces in the university's Living Building, currently under construction, where sound will potentially affect or call attention to the Equity Petal objectives of the International Living Future Institute's Living Building Challenge.

From Georgia Tech's Living Building to the Proctor Creek Greenway

First-year Georgia Tech students in Dr. Lauren Neefe's summer 2018 course, "Architecture, Sound, Sustainability," recorded the sounds of traveling to and walking on the newly completed Proctor Creek Greenway on Atlanta's Westside. The latest portion of the city's renowned infrastructure project, the BeltLine, opened to the public in May 2018 and now confronts the challenge of developing without displacing some of Atlanta's most critically underserved neighborhoods. After studying the Equity Petal of the Living Building Challenge, the students documented the "aural architecture" of their new neighbors' own "living laboratory."


Sounds of recording technology from Prof. Mueller's Eastman seminar, Recording 20th Century Music, Fall 2016


Sounds recorded in the context of the course Spanish 327S: Literature, Sound and Power in Latin America, spring 2017


Recordings from Writing 101: Sound and the City, Spring 2016, Duke University


Soundscape recordings from MUSIC 190S: Sonic Ecology, Spring 2015, Duke University


A compilation of the audio files found in the Water Acoustics exhibit and the website.