Mordent is a music ornament which indicating that the note should play an alternation between written note and single note above or below in fast tempo. In 18c, mordent had two different types of mordent, pralltriller which indicate the mordent notes start below the written notes and Schneller which start from above the written notes.
In 18c, most of the music was composed for Church and Dancing which to coordinator the dancer and singer. During that time, music always needs to feel Inner pulse between every beat which requires the style of music playing. Sound release was the character for this typical music style, which means not fully legato between the long notes that creates a rest between every beat.
Trill is a musical ornament consisting of a fast alternation between two notes, provides rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic interest. In18c, the details of trill of how to play the trill are up to the performer which every performer has to follow the ornaments rules from composer during the performances. In general, trills in this era are beginning on the note above written note, often producing the effect of a harmonic suspension which resolves to the principal note.
Sound recording of Eric Mastrolonardo playing "If You Find Her" by Future Of Forestry on an acoustic guitar Recorded on an iPhone 4
Folk duo, Stray Owls, preforming the song, "Franklin Borough." The performance consists of the duo playing steel-stringed acoustic guitars (plugged into amplifiers), and singing. Recorded by a Zoom H4N.
Sound recording of Eric Mastrolonardo playing the C major scale on an acoustic guitar Recorded on an iPhone 4
Sound recording of Ashley Ericson, an acting student, and her scene partner Peyton Dilweg performing a scene from the play Hedda Gabler. This scene involves a performance of frustration. Recorded on an zoom H4N.
This is a clip from an aerobic class taught at the YMCA titled "HEAT!"
Excerpt from the Blind Boys of Alabama's 2001 song, "Run On For a Long Time," on their album Spirit of the Century. The song is a gospel rendition of the traditional folk song "Run On."
An original composition of music with an African theme that consists of only percussive instruments. It as an imagining of the drums that were thought to incite rebellion as mentioned in "Voyage to the Island of Jamaica." Recorded on an HP Envy PC with an AKAI MP61 keyboard, Mixcraft Pro Studio 8, and cinema sound effects software. 
Sound recording an air conditioning running. Recorded on an iPhone 5.
Sound recording of an airplane pilot announcing traditional protocol after landing his airplane in the Raleigh, Durham airport.